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Do you have difficulty achieving your goals, or do you want to be disciplined and trained under professional guidance? Then, personal training is the solution! Do you want to lose weight, improve your figure, become fitter or specifically train for a sport or sport performance? Then, All About You is the right place for you. With our intensive and personal guidance, you will achieve your goals faster and injuries are less likely to occur.
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Nutrition As Part of Personal Training
Personal Training is not just about training. Another important aspect is nutrition which accounts for 70-80 percent of your goal achievement. If you under eat your, your metabolism will not be raised and trained muscles will be provided with insufficient energy. Nutrition is not only a fuel for your body but also a recovery agent. So, what do you eat? When do you eat? How much do you eat?
Different types of dietary patterns fit into all objectives. Whatever your goal is. From losing weight to running a marathon or to gain muscle mass to just gett fit, you need the right nutrition to get there!
De Personal Trainer
A personal trainer helps members to reach goals. The monthly appointments with a personal trainer ensures a permanent training intensity. Personal progress is then discussed and measured. Activities may be altered to keep it fun and to provide the members with maximum motivation. The Personal Coach system keep track on a monthly basis whether you are well on your way to achieving your goal.
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Personal trainers

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  • 5 star review  schone, fijne en gezellige sportschool. Je wordt goed geholpen zodat je jouw doelen kunt bereiken. Aanrader!

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    5 star review  Gezellig en veilig - de trainers hebben enorme kennis en expertise voor elk niveau!

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    5 star review  Top Gym! Ga er met plezier naar toe. Super goede begeleiding , goede sfeer. Maken de beloftes die ze doen waar.

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    5 star review  Family no none-sense gym, met gedegen ervaring overgedragen van generatie op generatie. Dat voel je aan alles; de sociale omgeving, persoonlijke aandacht en begeleiding, maar ook de variatie aan mensen die hier sporten.

    thumb Timothy Zwitser

    5 star review  Geweldige sportschool! De aandacht wordt echt gelegd op jou zoals de naam al doet vermoeden. Werkt het beste voor mij om het snelst resultaat te krijgen!

    thumb Davey Slagman

    5 star review  Erg fijne sportschool, hygiëne was erg goed en het personeel helpt goed.

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    5 star review  Super gezellige sfeer, goede begeleiding. Staan altijd voor je klaar als je vragen hebt

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