The House Rules of All About You @ The gym are there to ensure that all members can work out with great pleasure in the best environment possbile. We ask the members to adhere to the following rules.

COVID – 19 Measures

  • You have to book a time slot via the online booking system to be able to workout.
    If you didn’t book a time slot, but still decided to come to the gym, the employees can deny you entry. (This will happen when the has reached the limit of people allowed in the gym.)
  • When entering the gym, please always disinfect your hands with our disinfectant soap.
  • All members have to take a bottle of disinfectant together with a cleaning cloth to disinfect the machines and equipment after touching/using them. These will be presented at the entry of the gym
  • Everyone must train alone in one of our zones unless you are from the same household
  • We always keep 1,5 meters distance from each other.
  • Changing rooms and showers can’t be used at the moment.
The Rules & Regulations
  1. In the sport areas, wearing clean sportswear / shoes is mandatory. Charging soles are not allowed.
  2. Working out with a bare upper body, caps and other headgear is not permitted. You can wear headgear if there is a religious or medical reason for this.
  3. Properties and valuables of members must be stored in a locker.
    You must always leave the locker empty.
  4. he use of a towel during exercising is mandatory. Members must leave machines and weights clean, dry and tidy for other members.
  5. Mobile telephones, walkmans and MP3 players are allowed, but may not cause any inconvenience to the other members. Calling before or after your training is possible in the lounge. During your work out is not encouraging for your own training and also not for the training of your neighbours.
  6. We request the athlete to use the same machine no longer than 20 minutes when all devices are occupied.
  7. Children under 16 years are not allowed in the gym. Children between the ages of 16 and 18 are only allowed to train under the supervision of an adult member (18+)
  8. Gym classes always start at the indicated and we expect the members to be present on time for a lesson. The instructors have the right to deny access to members once the lesson has started.
  9. moking, animals, food and alcohol are not allowed in the gym.
  10. Drinks may only be taken in enclosed water bottles in sports facilities
Members who disregard the above rules and ignore instructions from management run the risk of losing their membership.
Download Rules & Regulations PDF
De Personal Trainer
The Personal trainer helps everyone to achieve their goals. The monthly appointments with a personal trainer ensures a permanent training intensity. Personal progress is then discussed and measured. Activities may be altered to keep it fun and to provide the members with maximum motivation. The Personal Coach system keep track on a monthly basis whether you are well on your way to achieving your goal.
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  • Te gek

    Max Tydeman Avatar Max Tydeman
    20 September 2020

    Erg tevreden over de sportschool. Hele aardige personeelsleden die t.a.t. bereid zijn je te helpen. Je wordt voorzien van je eigen schema('s) en je hebt de mogelijkheid om persoonlijk begeleid te worden. Ik heb gekozen voor deze mogelijkheid en heb hier al veel aan gehad. Ook over de groepslessen ben ik erg te spreken, in het bijzonder de Body Combat. Naar mijn mening krijg je zeker waar voor je geld!

    Jamie Groeneveld Avatar Jamie Groeneveld
    15 September 2020

    schone, fijne en gezellige sportschool. Je wordt goed geholpen zodat je jouw doelen kunt bereiken. Aanrader!

    Marije kes Avatar Marije kes
    2 March 2020

    Gezellig en veilig - de trainers hebben enorme kennis en expertise voor elk niveau!

    Sandra Heerma van Voss Avatar Sandra Heerma van Voss
    26 February 2020

    Top Gym! Ga er met plezier naar toe. Super goede begeleiding , goede sfeer. Maken de beloftes die ze doen waar.

    K Avatar K
    29 January 2020

    Family no none-sense gym, met gedegen ervaring overgedragen van generatie op generatie. Dat voel je aan alles; de sociale omgeving, persoonlijke aandacht en begeleiding, maar ook de variatie aan mensen die hier sporten.

    Timothy Zwitser Avatar Timothy Zwitser
    4 January 2020

    Geweldige sportschool! De aandacht wordt echt gelegd op jou zoals de naam al doet vermoeden. Werkt het beste voor mij om het snelst resultaat te krijgen!

    Davey Slagman Avatar Davey Slagman
    16 August 2019

    Erg fijne sportschool, hygiëne was erg goed en het personeel helpt goed.

    Stan Avatar Stan
    11 August 2019

    Super gezellige sfeer, goede begeleiding. Staan altijd voor je klaar als je vragen hebt

    Rieneke Aarts Avatar Rieneke Aarts
    16 June 2019