Terms & conditions

Article 1: Registration

  1. Members can register with us at the reception desk by completing a registration/ authorisation form. Membership commences on the date as indicated by the members during registration. Members receive a welcome packet upon registration. Minors from the age of 16 to 17 can register with parental/guardian consent.
  2. Upon registration, a one-time € 27.50 registration fee will be charged per membership.
  3. Members who wish to resume membership with All About You after the contract is terminated will be charged registration fee again.

Article 2: Membership, Payment and Cancellation

  1. All types of membership can be effective at any time.
  2. Upon registration, monthly membership fee of the first month and a one-time registration fee of € 27.50 must be paid at the gym. For all remaining months of the contract, the fee is paid by direct debit and is due and payable in advance. If the amount due is not received on time due to reversal, it will be added to the next monthly payment without any cost. If the payment due has not yet been received in the following month, a reminder will be sent whereby € 10.00 administration cost will be charged. Subsequently, if the overdue amount has not been settled, the claim with outstanding balance will be forwarded to a debt collection agency. Consequently, members may not make use of our facilities until all the outstanding balance is settled.
  3. There is a 14-day trial period in which members can terminate membership without further obligations. This can be done by completing a cancellation form. Please note that the form must be signed by both member and employee of All About You. Membership will then end on the date of the next period.
  4. After the trial period, membership can be terminated in accordance with the conditions of the chosen type of membership. These conditions are stated on the registration/ authorisation form. Cancellation of one- year contract must be done in writing. Members must inform us at least period before the end date of the contract by submitting a cancellation form.
  5. Cancellation of membership must be done via cancellation form which is available at the gym reception. The form must be completed and signed by both member and employee of All About You.
  6. For one-year and six-month membership, after getting notification from our staff regarding the expiry of the contract, members must select a new membership type from the available choices. The contract is then renewed. For both one-year and six-month contracts, if cancellation has not been made via cancellation form, membership will automatically be renewed. From that moment on, one- month notice period for cancellation also applies. All About You reserves the right to terminate membership.
  7. If membership is terminated via cancellation form before the end date of the contract, members remain liable for the 4 weekly periods membership fee for the remaining term of the contract.
  8. All About You reserves the right to terminate membership if members do not act in accordance with the house rules at discretion of our staff. 4 weekly membership fee for the remaining period is still due and payable.
  9. All About You reserves the right to adjust prices, however, members will be informed at least 3 months before any change occurs. 

Article 3: Opening Hours

  1. All About You reserves the right to change the opening hours and the gym is entitled to be closed on public holidays. Membership fee is non-refundable if the gym is closed on these dates or times.

Article 4: Risk and Liability

  1. Using equipment, following a programme or activities of any kind at All About You is entirely at own risk of the members. All About You and all employees do not accept any liability for damage suffered by members or third parties.
  2. All About You, all staff and assistants in the gym do not accept any liability for damage, injury, loss or theft of property that belong to members or third parties.
  3. Members are liable for damage caused to property of All About You, if the damage is due to negligence and /or fault of the members.

Article 5: Rules and Regulations

  1. Members are deemed to be aware of the house rules and to act accordingly. The house rules are informed around the gym and are provided in welcome packets during registration.

Article 6: Terms and Conditions, Applicable Law

  1. These terms and conditions and all agreements of All About You are governed by Dutch law.
  2. All disputes that may arise as the result of the agreement between members and All About You will be settled by a competent court.
  3. By registering, members agree to accept the terms and conditions and the house rules of All About You.
  4. All About You reserves the right to change house rules and terms and conditions. Any changes apply to both existing and new members.